Venta Kuube L-T Airwasher Humidifier, White


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Brand: Venta

Color: White


  • Humidifies air up to 1650 square feet while simultaneously purifying up to 860 square feet
  • Features the ability to control the unit by touchscreen, infrared remote or via the Venta App
  • Choose a humidity level between 30% and 70% or enable the auto setting feature
  • Control the child lock, timer, built in hygrometer, sleep mode, humidity levels and more
  • Zero ions, ozone, or white dust emitted due to Cold Evaporation technology

Publisher: Venta Air Technologies Inc

Warranty: Seller warrants that the products, including such parts manufactured by others, are integral therewith, shall be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of 120 months from the date of delivery for all 5 series models, or a period of 24 months for all 6 series models. Seller's obligations under the aforesaid warranty shall be repairing or replacing the products delivered to buyer which if properly installed, used, and maintained prove to be defective in material and workmanship. Such repair or replacement shall be seller's sole obligation and buyer's sole remedy hereunder and shall be conditioned upon seller's receipt of written notice of any alleged defect within 10 days after its discovery, and at seller's option return of such defective products or part thereof freight prepaid to seller's principal place of business.

Details: For spaces up to 1,650 square feet, Venta brings you the filter-free Kuube L-T Airwasher, a 2-in-1 evaporative humidifier and air purifier for large living and workspaces. We have developed Hygiene Discs to maintain cleanliness and soften the water inside the unit ensuring flawless performance with any water density. Designed for an energy-efficient operation, the Kuube L-T features five speeds and works by drawing dry air into the unit, then releasing only humidified and purified air back into your space. Using Cold Evaporation technology, the Venta Kuube L-T will not over humidify, nor will it produce ions, ozone or white dust as many other humidifiers in the market can produce. The Kuube L-T features three ways to operate your unit: the digital touchscreen display, infrared remote or through the Venta app when WiFi is enabled. Easily adjust humidity levels between 30% to 70% in 5% increments, or enable the auto feature which allows the appliance to automatically regulate the fan speed based on the air quality in the room. As with all our Venta products, the Kuube L-T offers extremely low maintenance – just add water to operate. This model Airwasher will even alert you when it is time to enable its self-cleaning mode.

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