Venta LW45G Large Room Airwasher (Anthracite Gray) w/Fragrance Combo Pack (Relaxing, Citrus & Winter Dream)


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Brand: Venta

Color: Grey


  • Dual function integrated air system: Humidifier and purifier
  • For rooms up to 800 sq. feet
  • Energy-efficient, requires little power (<10 watts)
  • Works with any water density, from soft to hard
  • Lowest maintenance - just add water

Publisher: Venta

Details: The Venta LW45 Airwasher is a large room humidifier and air purifier engineered to capture allergens and particulate matter for areas up to 800 square feet. It features a dual-action air washer system that cleans and adds moisture to the air so it is fresh, not too humid or dry. There's no filter, which means this airwasher requires no clean up and is more hygienic. This is a powerful purifying and humidifying system for home and office.

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EAN: 0636156016628