NMPA- Remote Control Infant Bouncers Balance Foldable Toddler Rocker Electric Cradle Bed Recliner (Color : Gray)

Swings & Chair Bouncers

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Brand: Swings & Chair Bouncers

Color: Gray


  • ☆Imitation of uterine water: special sound of water and uterine amniotic fluid similar to sound waves, it is easier for the baby to fall asleep
  • ☆There are 3 timing functions on the rocking chair, which can be set to stop at 8/15/30minutes. It does not need to run for a long time, energy saving and environmental protection.
  • ☆The rocking chair has a natural bird song, which effectively attracts the baby's attention and reduces the baby crying.
  • ☆The rocking chair contains three power supply modes: 1. Power cord power supply mode 2. Battery power supply mode (battery self-purchasing) 3. Charging treasure power supply mode (charged treasure by yourself)
  • ☆The rocking chair has voice-sensing ability. When the baby cries more than 20 decibels in a quiet environment, the rocking chair will automatically swing and play the comfort music.

Publisher: George Home

Details: Name: rocking chair
Bearing capacity: ≤18Kg
Control mode: button control / remote control
Power supply mode: battery / power cord
Whether to include battery: No
Applicable age: Newborn - 36 months
Fabric material: thick steel pipe, high quality environmental protection ABS, pp
Overall size: 84*74*100cm

☆3-gear backrest height adjustment:
First gear: play mode, baby can sit and play interactive
Second gear: feeding mode, baby half lying to feed, prevent sucking milk
Third gear: sleep mode, support the spine, comfort and sleep
☆Electric sleepy rocking chair, completely liberate mother's hands, three-speed timing function, three-speed adjustment angle, 15-30°8-speed automatic swing adjustment, smart music, cradle angle adjustable, silent swing, Bluetooth play music

EAN: 6954109035828