QXMEI Reclining Chairs Soothing Vibration Baby Rocking Chair Newborn Multi-Function Portable Folding Music Electric Swing Baby Appease Shake Chair BB Cradle Chair Bouncers,E


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Brand: QXMEI

Color: E


  • Cradle design: the five-speed automatic swinging cradle, liberating the mother's hands, the baby sleeps more secure
  • High-quality stereo music: comes with high-quality stereo music, 3 scene music and 7 chord music, beautiful and beautiful, better to develop your baby's hearing acuity
  • Five-point safety belt: five-point seat belt design, protect the baby's center of gravity offset, adjustable strap length does not hold the baby, will not affect the baby's healthy development
  • Soothing vibration function: soothing vibration, mimicking the frequency of amniotic fluid fluctuations, and developing a good habit of not cuddling
  • Rotatable toy frame: It can be rotated back and forth to adjust the distance from the baby. It can also be disassembled and can be rotated at 90° to comprehensively exercise your baby's vision and grasping ability

Publisher: QXMEI

Details: Product Name: Intelligent electric rocking chair
Control method: smart button control
Product load: 12KG
Suitable age: 0-36 months
Battery: host 4 section 1 / battery box 1 section 2 battery
Material: peach skin pearl cotton / ABS / steel pipe
Rocking chair accessories
Preventing the head pillow: Effectively prevent the baby from leaning, helping the baby to fall asleep quickly
Vibrating battery box: Need to put 1 section 2 battery (Battery needs to be purchased by yourself)
Rocking magnetic sensor: bottom swing magnetic sensor, when selecting the rocking function, you need to manually shake the cradle to make the upper sensor sense after shaking the basket will continue to swing
Large battery box: need to put 4 sections of No. 1 battery (Battery needs to be purchased by yourself)
Mounting screws: The mounting screws used in our rocking chairs are up to 33mm long, and the solid materials make you feel more comfortable
Bottom foot pad: Increased stability and better anti-slip effect
Five-speed swing button. When adjusting, the number of lights on the indicator represents the number of files. The more lights, the greater the amplitude
Power switch button, slide left to \"NO\", slide right to \"OFF\"
Music selection button with 3 natural scene music and 7 chord music for you to choose from
The third-speed timing button has a timing selection of 30, 45, and 60 minutes. When the number is selected, the corresponding indicator lights up
Four-volume volume control, from no field---lightweight---comfort---a pleasant volume change can be adjusted

EAN: 9361118045736