AFV Club Models 1/35 Russian T-34/85 Model 1944 - Full Interior Kit

AFV Club Models 1/35 Russian T-34/85 Model 1944 - Full Interior Kit

AFV Club Models

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Brand: AFV Club Models


  • AFV Club Models Item#: 35S56
  • Precision **ASSEMBLY-REQUIRED PLASTIC MODEL KIT** with parts mounted on sprue trees
  • For ages 10 and older; To avoid choking or injury, keep all model kit parts away from small children
  • Assembly & painting required. Requires glue, paint, & modeling tools (not included)

Publisher: AFV Club Models

Details: Highly detailed 1/35 scale assembly model kit of the T-34, a Soviet medium tank that is widely regarded by historians as the best tank of World War II and arguably one of the greatest armor vehicles ever to enter combat. Rushed into the battlefield in the Eastern Front in 1941, the T-34 quickly became a force to be reckoned with, to the consternation of German soldiers who encountered it for the first time. The T-34 incorporated revolutionary sloped armor design, which effectively doubled the thickness of its frontal armor without the added weight. The combination of light-weight and a relatively powerful engine made the T-34 fast and maneuverable, unlike the heavier German Tiger tanks. Best of all, Soviet industry were able to produced large quantities of the T-34; by the end of 1945, some 57,000 T-34s of all variants rolled out of Soviet production lines. Although the T-34's 76.2 mm main gun lack the same penetrating power and range as the guns mounted on heavier German tanks, the T-34's numeric superiority allows Soviet commanders to get in close to German tank formations in battle, where the T-34s can pick out and destroy heavier German tanks at point-blank range. This AFV Club 1/35 scale assembly kit depicts the T-34-85 model 1944, which is a vastly improved T-34 with a three-man turret and equipped with a ZiS-S-53 85 mm main gun. Model kit features: Clear turret and upper hull parts. Precisely replicates engine and engine housing. Highly detailed transmission system. Fighting compartment accurately recreated. Detail turret interior. Realistically reproduced suspension system with metal coil springs. Metal gun barrel with rifling. Photo-etched parts included. Clear parts for all periscope vision blocks.

EAN: 4716965359560

Package Dimensions: 15.4 x 9.6 x 2.4 inches