Wingsland S6 Pocket 4K Camera Selfie Drone with 3 Batteries,Extra Powerful for Extended Shooting Time


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Brand: Wingsland

Color: Black/Orange


  • The most powerful pocket drone on the market- 4K HD camera, Wi-Fi app control, return home, follow Me,orbit,3-axis eis gives you stable video
  • "Selfie drone "design concept-you can keep it with you where ever you go and share aerial photos and videos anytime.
  • A extendes shooting time-now you have to buy it,we will give you 2 extra original equipment batteries free of charge to you.
  • Warranty - if you don't absolutely love your new selfie compact Smart drone, you can simply return your collapsible Quad-Copter and we'll happily refund every Penny.
  • Customer service- we take it as the most important Part of the game Plan from the beginning. We have 24/7 us-based customer service and have always been there when you needed us for your drone.

Publisher: SHENZHEN WINGSLAND TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. (Ariel Photography)

Release Date: 2016-11-30

Warranty: 1 year warranty against manufacturer defects

Details: The new "hot thing" for copters now are the "selfie" drones. The S6 is helping Redefining the experience of "selfie ".What is a selfie drone? we think it would be a very easy Small sized drone to fly and its main purpose is for photos and videos of friends. So S6 is created with a design idea that it would be near " more like a fashionable Small robot friend to you rather than a aerial camera ". We can say that S6 is the most powerful selfie drone on the market. It is equipped with a 4K ultra HD camera that has an 360-degree field of view. It takes 4K video and 13 Megapixel photos. Footage is shot with an integrated 3-axis EIS (electronic image stabilization). app controlled, Auto follow, flipping in the air, Orbit, gesture control, various automated flight modes, comprehensive obstacle Avoidance add-ons and other accessories to augment players ''experience". simply put, it is designed to stuff in your backpack and take on a hike! or to take to the beach or even ski trip or something. It's Small, its compact, and it doesn't weight much. It's designed to push a button and it flies up, takes a photo and lands with 13 Megapixel stills, app control, follow Me,flipping,Orbit,360 degree photo, add-ons.

EAN: 6970112530068