Yuneec Typhoon H Plus Hexacopter with ST16S Smart Controller, 1-Inch Sensor 4K Camera, Intel RealSense Technology, Travel Backpack, (2) Flight Batteries, (10) Propellers, and Charging Accessories


  • $1,898.00

Brand: Yuneec


  • Capture 4K Video and 20MP Photos. 360-Degree Image and Video Capture. 3-Axis Sensor-Driven Image Stabilization
  • Up to 1 Mile 2.4/5.8 GHz Wi-Fi Range. Flight Controller with 7" Touch Screen.
  • Up to 30 Minutes of Flight Time.
  • Intel RealSense Collision Avoidance. Intelligent Autonomous Flight Modes.
  • Can Withstand Winds up to 35 mph. 5-Rotor Fail Safe Mode.

Publisher: Yuneec

Details: Sacrifice nothing with the Typhoon H Plus Pro Hexacopter from Yuneec. The Typhoon H Plus represents the best of both worlds in a UAV with its stability and image quality. The Typhoon H Plus features a 3-axis gimbal-mounted camera with a C23 1" sensor that's capable of capturing 20MP still photos and Ultra HD 4K video at 60 fps. The 3-axis gimbal is capable of continuous rotation for 360-degree image capture. This camera comes attached to a large, six-rotor airframe that has been designed to provide stable footage, even in winds exceeding 35 mph. Compared to its predecessor, the Typhoon H Plus can manage such feats along with a 40% reduction in noise. A tough and durable drone, the Typhoon H Plus can even withstand the loss of a rotor, remaining in flight to land safely using just five rotors. To help avoid such a fate and keep the Typhoon H safe is Intel's RealSense Technology, which is integrated into the Typhoon H to provide object detection and collision avoidance. Full control of everything the Typhoon H has to offer is in your hands with the included ST16S Ground Station remote controller. The Android-powered transmitter/receiver features a large, 7" built-in touch screen that's capable of activating intelligent flight modes or full manual operation. Intelligent Flight with Intel Intel RealSense Technology The Typhoon H Plus utilizes Intel's RealSense R200 camera and an Intel Atom processor to build a 3D model of the Typhoon's surroundings in real-time while in flight. Intel's RealSense Technology uses this 3D data to detect obstacles and navigate around them, keeping the Typhoon safe and providing you with increased filmmaking freedom. Intel RealSense is also programmed to work seamlessly with the Follow Me mode, keeping the main camera trained on the action, while the R200 avoids any hazards along the way. Smart Control Included. ST16S Ground Station

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