LILINA Cartoon Princess House Infant Marine Ball Pool Inflatable Toy Children Tent


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  • ★High-quality materials: using ultra-strong thermal carbon tough polymerized pvc, adopting international advanced seaming technology, completely streamlined design, strictly tested according to international standards, scientific design makes it not only have beautiful appearance, but also has ordinary inflation. The comfort that the product can't match, after the non-toxic, wear-resistant and low-temperature test, you can put it directly on the ground.
  • ★ Non-toxic safety: It adopts streamlined design, no protrusions, protection and safety After passing the US European non-toxic safety test, it fully meets the strict American and European standards You can choose INTEX products with the same confidence.
  • ★Easy and convenient: The inflatable product is small in size and light in weight It can be folded and loaded into the backpack for carrying.
  • ★ Gifts and gifts: a must-have for business trips, and a good gift for friends!
  • If you have any questions, please write to us and we will give you a satisfactory answer within 24 hours.

Publisher: LILINA

Details: Product Name: Princess House
Product specifications: 124 × 109 × 122cm
Product net weight: 5.85KG
Material specifications: high density hot carbon tough polymerization non-toxic PVC plastic.
Standard configuration: patch, color box packaging
Dear guests, you are good:
1. The pictures of our products are taken in kind. Due to the influence of the color, brightness, photography and lighting techniques displayed by each computer, there may be subtle chromatic aberration and visual error between the object and the photo. Yes, if the buyer is very sensitive to the color difference, please consider it before you shoot it.
3, the new inflatable products, when you first use, there will generally be a little taste of PVC materials, all products have undergone strict testing and quality certification, environmentally friendly materials, non-toxic and harmless, buyers who are particularly sensitive to smells, please be careful to buy.
4, the size is marked by the manufacturer, the actual will be based on the degree of inflation and temperature generally have a 5-8CM error, after a few times the inflation will be slowly normal, if the buyer cares about the size, please Consider buying
5, 3-5 days to make up a gas, it is recommended not to charge too full when starting to use, do not charge the product very tight (usually 7-8 points full).

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