LILINA Inflatable Marine Ball Pool Baby Paddling Pool Children's Pool Thickened Fishing Sand Pool


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  • ○High-quality materials: using ultra-sturdy hot carbon tough polymerized pvc, adopting international advanced seaming technology, completely streamlined design, strictly tested according to international standards, convenient, stable, non-toxic, strong buffering force, the products have passed strict Withstand voltage, wear resistance, low temperature resistance, non-toxic test.
  • ○ Non-toxic safety: It adopts streamlined design without any protrusions to protect children's safety After passing the US European children's toys including non-toxic safety test, it fully meets the strict American and European standards You can rest assured that the children are as good as the American and European parents. Choose a pool product.
  • ○Easy and convenient: The inflatable swimming pool is small in size The volume after the air is released is as large as the size of the general household sheets, and the weight is also very light The children can fold up and carry them in the bag in the AD or the suburbs.
  • ○ Gifts and gifts: The dual function of entertainment and puzzle is also a good gift for children.
  • If you have any questions, please write to us and we will give you a satisfactory answer within 24 hours.

Publisher: LILINA

Details: Specification: 239*206*86cm
Suitable age: 3 years old or older
Water storage capacity: 80% of the pool wall is 208 liters high
Weight: 4.8kg
Pool form: inflatable square
Baby role: babies are naturally not afraid of water, baby can not play in the water not long after birth, children aged 0-8 often swim in the water, their digestive system, nervous system, respiratory system development is significantly better than other children, baby During swimming, the muscles and joint ligaments of the whole body are exercised, psychologically relaxed, and the heart is happy. The peripheral stimulation brought by the exercise is fed back to the cerebral cortex, which has a good effect on the development of the cranial nerves. The baby eats well, sleeps well, digests well, and has strong immune function. At the same time, the child's personality, coordination of big movements and intelligence level are also significantly improved.
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