Pokemon Trading Card Game: XY Phantom Forces Booster Launch Box Case Display (72 Booster Packs) + 8 Decks & foil promos

Pokemon Trading Card Game: XY Phantom Forces Booster Launch Box Case Display (72 Booster Packs) + 8 Decks & foil promos


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  • Brand-new factory-sealed Phantom Forces booster launch kit box case! This item contains 72 Phantom Forces booster packs which is the equivalent to (2) 36-pack booster boxes!!
  • PLUS it contains 8 theme decks (Bolt Twister & Burning Winds) & 16 foil Black Star promo cards! (8 Darkrai & 8 Shifty!)
  • Two regular 36-pack booster boxes alone can sell for over $500, so this is a GREAT way to get brand new guaranteed factory sealed Phantom Forces boosters PLUS the decks and Black Star foil promos at a discount!
  • Each booster pack has 10 random cards including a chance to get AWESEOME EX'S like Dialga and Mega Gengar or any of the Full Art or Secret Rare versions!

Details: Master Mysterious Powers! Gather your courage and peer into the haunted void with the Pokémon TCG: XY-Phantom Forces expansion! Mega Manectric-EX makes a shocking appearance to light the way, while the ghostly grin of Mega Gengar-EX frightens challengers near and far. Take along Aegislash-EX to give you an edge, push the limits of Mega Evolution with new Spirit Link cards, and call on all of your Trainer knowledge to escape the eerie forces at work! The set continues to feature Mega Evolution as powerful Pokémon-EX and centers around the Shadow Pokémon Gengar. This expansion set features 7 Pokémon-EX and two Mega Pokémon-EX. It brings Dialga-EX and Aegislash-EX from the accompanying Japanese Hyper Metal Chain Deck, and releases them with the 4 Pokémon-EX from the Japanese Phantom Gate: Gengar-EX, Manectric-EX, Malamar-EX, and Florges-EX. The expansion features Team Flare cards, Supporter card AZ, and a new mechanic named Spirit Link that allows Mega Pokémon to evolve without ending the player's turn. This item is the official Phantom Force release booster box packs launch kit, Pokémon USA item #147-80021. Each is brand new and factory sealed, directly from Pokemon USA and contains the following: - 72 Phantom Forces Booster Packs, each pack has 10 random cards from the set - 8 Phantom Forces Theme Decks: 4 Bolt Twister & 4 Burning Wind. Each deck has a ready-to-play 60 card pokemon deck, 1 card checklist, 1 metallic coin, 2 player playmat and rulesheet, 1 code card to play the deck online, 1 deck box, and several damage counters. - 16 Foil Black Star Promo Cards: 8 of Darkrai XY22 and 8 Shiftry XY23! So this item is the factory-sealed equivalent of TWO PHANTOM FORCES 36-PACK booster boxes PLUS all 8 theme decks and 16 promo cards!

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