1/16 Remote Control Advanced Metal Upgrade German Tiger I Tank RC Ready to Run

Midea Tech

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Brand: Midea Tech


  • Taigen Advanced Metal Upgrade Tiger I Middle Version
  • Hobby hydro painted job, Strengthened metal chassis, Hobby Black Steel Gearset ( 4 in 1 steel gear with bearing )
  • metal turret + metal gun barrel & muzzle metal track;Metal caterpillars, Metal drive wheel and idle wheel, Metal gearbox, Shock absorbers
  • Painted commander, Metal pull rope, Metal network; . with hobby upper hull . Turret with 360 turning; Hobby Airsoft with gun recoil
  • Newest 2.4Ghz electric system .

Publisher: TaiGen


RC tanks don't really come better than this!
The upper hull:
METAL TURRET + Metal Barrel + BB UNIT + Metal gun/muzzle brake + and many other metal parts
with a complete metal turret !

All the hatches are movable and made of metal, just like all tools, metal MG, BOSH lamp, metal tow hook, etc. ...

The hull is already completely assembled, including all electronics.
The lower hull:
With the new suspensions system (Torsion bars) and Track tensioning system (HQ)!
The body is in metal, only the sides and the back are in ABS
we also add to this Body Metal Tow Shackles with Nuts & Bolts
Metal Suspension Arms, Metal Sprocket Hubs
Metal Mounts for Idlers, metal reinforcement at the front and metal exhaust !
You become a fantastic body for a low price !!
You also become a new open/closing system, you don't have to screw the upper hull to the lower hull !
You can open the hull in few seconds !
Also fitted in this tank:
Hobby Black Steel Gearset ( 4 in 1 steel gear with bearing )
360 degree turret turning
Hobby Airsoft with Gun Recoil
Metal sprocket and idler wheels
Metal road wheels
HQ metal tracks
The complete electronic with remote control (Smoke and Sound system)

* Special paint job
* Metal Turret
* Metal Barrel
* Metal caterpillars
* Metal drive wheel and idle wheel
* Rubber Tires
* Metal gearbox
* Shock absorbers
* Metal network
* Painted commander
* Metal pull rope
* Strengthened metal chassis
* Metal view hole
* Metal armour
* Metal turret cover
* Metal shoulder wheel
* Metal front and rear hook
* Metal machine gun light
* Metal front forward light
* Upgraded Ni-MH 2000Mah battery
* Smoke effects simulator
* Sound effects simulator
* Recoil action when it fires a bb

* Length: 52 cm
* Width: 24 cm
* Height: 20 cm<

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