AFX Giant Set w/Lap Counter

AFX Giant Set w/Lap Counter


  • $319.00

Brand: AFX


  • Scale: 1/64
  • Ages: 14+
  • AFX P/N: 21005

Publisher: AFX

Details: 21005Serious Racing on the "King Kong of Slot Car Tracks"!With more track pieces, more track length, more levels, more banks, criss-cross tracks, squeeze tracks, sheesh! There just isn't another track like it.The Giant squeezes an amazing amount of action into only 4' x 8' of floor space. And now the Giant becomes the only HO scale set to come with a digital Lap Counter. That's right, only AFX has a full blown electronic Lap Counter and it comes in the Giant set. Not only does it count up to 99 laps, but it starts your race with a 5 second count down. But don't jump the start or you get penalized 1 lap! And at the end of the race, the AFX Lap Counter displays a trophy for the winner.Super easy to set up and operate, the AFX digital Lap Counter brings a whole new level of fun to slot racing. And only AFX has it!Like all AFX sets, The Giant comes with the Tri-Power Pack. Its three power levels allow new drivers to learn the right way: one step at a time. That way you can get the hang of racing without getting frustrated. And setting the level is as simple as flipping the switch on the side of the Pack. The levels work like this:Beginner: Cars will stay on the track through about 95% to 100%* of the turns even at full throttleIntermediate: Cars will stay on the track through about 60% to 70%* of the turns at full throttleExpert: You're on your own!* Depending on track layoutWith Tri-Power Pack parents can race with their younger children without the child crashing all the time. And what about those birthday parties when you have a lot of children with different skill levels? The Tri-Power Pack lets them race and race and all the players get to enjoy themselves.Leave it to AFX to bring you the biggest, baddest set on the planetFEATURESLargest slot car track available - More track than you can get anywhere in one setDigital Lap Counter - Serious racing and only AFX has it!Tri-Power Pack - Even young children can learn to

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EAN: 0053941210052