Alien vs. Predator The Hunt Begins Game

Ninja Division

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Brand: Ninja Division


  • Over 23 models!!!
  • Model materials: Plastic
  • Ages 13 and up
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Genre: war

ISBN: 5060387161461

Publisher: Publisher Services Inc (PSI)

Release Date: 2015-10-01

Warranty: No Warranty

Details: Alien vs Predator:  The Hunt Begins is a self-contained gaming experience, a fusion of mission and narrative driven board game and tabletop war game. One or more players can play through narrative missions, developing their own characters and objectives over many interlinked games. Alternatively, players can play free-for-all missions, such as: Survival, Last human/alien/predator standing, or capture the objective. Contents: Models: 10 Infant Aliens, 5 Stalker Aliens, 3 Predators, 5 Colonial Marines --Dice: 3 D20 Dice --Cards: 2 Alien Stat Cards, 3 Predator Stat Cards, 5 Colonial Marine Stat Card, 20 Environmental Cards, 20 Mission Cards, 60 Strategy Cards (20 for each Faction), --Board game Tiles: 32 Straight Corridors, 8 Crossroads, 8 T-Shape, 8 L-Shape, 10 Dead-end, 8 Air Vent Tiles, 7 Rooms (Lab, Escape Capsule, Armory, Bridge, Hibernation Room, Engine Room and Predator Pod) --Other Peripherals: 1 Flame/Acid Spit Template, 151 Wound, Ping!, Activated, Sentry, Hide and Objective Tokens, 20 Door Pieces.

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EAN: 5060387161461