AmScope 150W Fiber Optic O-Y-S Light Microscope Light Illuminator

AmScope 150W Fiber Optic O-Y-S Light Microscope Light Illuminator


  • $622.99

Brand: AmScope


  • 150W cool light fiber optic halogen illuminator
  • 35" long metal-sheathed fiber optic ring light
  • 22" long metal-sheathed fiber optic bifurcated lights
  • 22" long metal-sheathed fiber optic single gooseneck light
  • Electricity auto-shut-off mechanism for insuring user's safety

Publisher: AmScope

Details: This fiber optic microscope illuminator provides strong, even and cool daylight illumination. It comes with 150 Watt halogen light source, O-ring light, single gooseneck light, and dual gooseneck lights. The light source has a built-in heat filter for cool light, a specially designed slot for color filters, and solid state controls for full adjustment of intensity. Its top window design is convenient for changing bulbs. Its auto-shut-off mechanism will cut off electricity automatically when the window is open. The O-ring light comes with 2-1/8" (56mm) inside diameter and 3-1/8" (80mm) outside diameter as well as a 35" (890mm) metal-sheathed light cable. Each gooseneck light cable is 22-inch long and can be bent into various positions. This cool high intensity lighting system is excellent for biological and electronic applications. This unit is brand new in original box. Features & Specifications: Fiber Optic Illuminator with O-Ring Light, Single Gooseneck Light, and Dual Gooseneck Lights 150 Watt Halogen Light Source with Variable Intensity Built-in Heat Filter Specially Designed Slot for Color Filters (available as optional items) Convenient Top Window Design for Changing Bulbs Auto-Shut-Off Mechanism for Electrical Safety Great for Discriminating Lighting Perfect for Evenly Illuminating a Specimen without Heating High Intensity 24V/150W Quartz Halogen Bulb Forced Air Cooling System 3200 Degrees Kelvin Lamp Color Temperature Durable Metal Construction Manufactured under ISO 9001 Standards Shipping Weight: 18 Lbs Packing List : One 150W Variable Intensity Halogen Light Source One Fiber Optic O-Ring Light One Fiber Optic Single Gooseneck Light Fiber Optic Dual Gooseneck Lights One Power Cord Two Spare Fuses

UPC: 013964504453

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Package Dimensions: 14.0 x 10.6 x 7.8 inches