AWS DeepLens - Deep learning enabled video camera for developers

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Brand: Amazon Web Services

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  • Deep learning in your hands - A fully programmable video camera designed to expand deep learning skills.
  • Start learning right away - Learn the basics of deep learning through example projects, computer vision models, tutorials, and real world, hands-on exploration on a physical device.
  • A new way to learn machine learning - Allows developers of all skill levels get started with deep learning in less than 10 minutes.
  • Sample projects - AWS DeepLens can run custom models from Amazon SageMaker, and comes with a collection of pre-trained models ready to run on the device with a single click.
  • Fully programmable - Easy to customize and is fully programmable using AWS Lambda providing a familiar programming environment for developers to experiment with.
  • Integrated with AWS - Stream video back to AWS using Amazon Kinesis Video Streams, and apply more advanced video analytics using Amazon Rekognition Video. The device also connects securely to AWS IoT, Amazon SQS, Amazon SNS, Amazon S3, Amazon DynamoDB, and more.
  • Build custom models with Amazon SageMaker - New custom models trained in Amazon SageMaker can be sent to AWS DeepLens with just a few clicks from the AWS Management Console.
  • Broad framework support - Run any deep learning framework, including TensorFlow and Caffe. AWS DeepLens comes pre-installed with a high performance, efficient, optimized inference engine for deep learning using Apache MXNet.

Operating System: Ubuntu Linux 16.04 LTS

Publisher: Amazon

Release Date: 2018-06-14

Details: The world’s first deep learning enabled video camera for developers. AWS DeepLens helps put deep learning in the hands of developers, literally, with a fully programmable video camera, tutorials, code, and pre-trained models designed to expand deep learning skills.

UPC: 841667144290

EAN: 0841667144290