Axis Scientific 22-Part Painted Human Skull Model | Molded from a Real Human Skull this Life Size Plastic Colored Skull Disassembles into 22 Bones | Includes Detailed Product Manual | 3 Year Warranty

Axis Scientific

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Brand: Axis Scientific

Color: Multi-color with natural tones


  • GREAT VALUE: Get what you pay for and avoid disappointment! Axis Scientific is a US-based company and we make great models at fair prices (watch out for those "too good to be true" offers)! Axis Scientific anatomy models are only available from AWWStores.
  • 3-YEAR WARRANTY and SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Every Axis Scientific anatomy model comes with a no-hassle 3-year warranty. If there are any issues with your model just contact our US-based customer service team and we will replace or refund your purchase.
  • 100% ANATOMICALLY CORRECT: This skull anatomy model was developed by medical professionals and cast from an original human skull. Be aware of cheap imported human anatomy models that have anatomical inaccuracies and lack the same level of detail.
  • HIGH QUALITY: Axis Scientific anatomy model are hand-painted and assembled with the utmost attention to detail. This anatomy model is perfect for the doctor's office, anatomy classroom, or study aid.
  • PRODUCT MANUAL INCLUDED: Includes a full-color detailed product manual great for study or curriculum development. All Axis Scientific product manuals use real photographs of the model, not just a plain list of the parts and numbers.

Publisher: Axis Scientific

Details: The Axis Scientific 22-part Osteopathic Didactic Human Skull Model is an effective tool for teaching and learning the complex anatomy of the human skull. The human skull consists of many individual bones that gradually grow together along with a human's development. This new Axis Scientific Model is created from a natural cast of a human skull. The complex anatomical structure of the skull easy to understand and visualize when it is disassembled into its 22 individual bones. This Axis Scientific Skull is a didactic version that depicts all the bones, and paired bones are colored coded to make their identification easier. The individual bones are held together by small plastic pegs that are easy to assemble and disassemble. The jaw is held in place with magnets. This Axis Scientific model includes the following bones: A left and right Parietal bone, the Occipital bone, the Frontal bone, the left and right Temporal bones, the Sphenoid and Ethmoid bones, a Vomer bone, the left and right Zygomatic bone, the Upper jaw (maxilla) with both sets of teeth, the left and right Palatine bone, left and right Nasal concha, the left and right Lacrimal bone, the left and right Nasal bone and the lower jaw with teeth. As a bonus, Axis Scientific has also included with this model bag of spare bones that include: A left and right Palatine bone, A left and right Nasal Bone, left and right Nasal concha, a Vomer bone, and a left and right Lacrimal bone. All Axis Scientific products come with a full color manual with instructions, and are covered by a no-nonsense 3-year warranty. This product measures 8x7x5 inches. Weighs about 2 lb.

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