BearHoHo Escape Room Props Put Palm on the Magic Ball to Unlock with a Metal Sensor Ion Ball Props for Exit Game Owner


  • $200.00

Brand: BearHoHo


  • The light effect of magic ball is cool,it is with negative ions and not harmful to human body.
  • The Trigger time to support owner modify, 1-60 seconds can be ok.
  • Player need to bring metal object to close to the metal sensor and put palm on the magic ball,later a certain time,the EM lock will be opened.
  • The Props are the finished product,it is eazy to install.
  • The owner can modify the voice from controller,but please do it follow the instruction.

Publisher: BearHoHo

Details: Brife introduction about prop:
Before starting game,the magic ball is not lit,he player needs to bring the metal object close to the metal sensor and the magic ball will be lit.
When player cover his palm to magic ball,the magic ball lightning effect will change,if player continue to touch the ball last a certain time
(1-60s,it needs the owner to set in advance)The EM lock will be open.

How to reset?
When the EM lock be opened,the owner only need to take the metal object away the sensor and then put it back is ok,or re-power the prop.

How to set the time for unlocking?
1.Pressing on the red button in controller don't release until power on it;
2.Cover your palm to the surface of ball,time 1-60s is ok,It is the unlock time.

Package list:
1x Controller
1x Magic ball light
1x Metal sensor
1x 12V US adapter.

How to modify the voice from the controller?
1.Back up the original files in the memory card.
2.Replace the original file with your favorite sound file, The path and the file name can not be changed, the audio file format must be in MP3 format.

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