BtrPower 48V E-Bike Battery 10AH - 50AH Lithium ion / Lifeo4 Battery Pack with 5A Charger,50A BMS for 500W-3000W Motor (48V 28AH)


  • $488.00

Brand: BtrPower


  • 48v 28Ah Lithium Li-ion Battery Pack with 5A charger 50A BMS for 1000W Ebike scooter
  • Dimension: 255X160X110mm/10x6.3x4.3in Weight: 19.8lb
  • Endurance Mileage: it can up to 30-35 miles and it's affected by factors such as load bearing, speed, terrain, etc. So there is a little deviation.
  • This battery is designed for high-drain devices like ebike,electric bikes, electric scooters etc
  • Warranty Policy. Full money refund within 30days and one year warranty


48V Charger for This Battery Pack   

* Output: 58.8V5A; input:110V/AC/50Hz   

* It takes 5-6 hours when the battery is charged fully   

* Red light indicates charging, green light indicates full or disconnected   

* It is forbidden to cover and rain during use  

* Anderson plug came with New battery. It is more convenient to charge


* The lithium battery is the most advance rechargeable battery available for electric bike  

* The lithium battery is lighter and cheaper compared with an equivalent battery  

* They are non-toxic to the environment, stable, and have the greatest charge density to weight ratio of any battery available  

* It is safe, not combust or catch fire 

Package Includes

1 x 48V Lithium Li-ion Battery Pack

1 x 48V Charger

2 x Anderson plug(discharge)

1 x Three-hole charging plug

1 x Operating instruction


* If you want to customize a special battery Program , please send our message, we will answer your email within 24 hours  

* The battery has one year warranty. please contact me anytime if there is any problem about battery

EAN: 6438083020808