DjuiinoStar Hot Air Stirling Engine(4-Cylinder), Electricity Generator(Light up LED), Ready to Run DHA-LGB-109


  • $325.99

Brand: DjuiinoStar

Color: Quartz Glass Cylinder


  • ★MOST POWERFUL: one of the BEST and most powerful Stirling engines on the market. Once this engine runs, you will be wowed. People love the sound and the power it reveals. It runs at speed up to 1300 to 1500 RPM and will light up the multicolor LED on the generator.
  • ★HEAVY&STABLE: this egine is MUCH MORE BIGGER than most of the stirling engines you can find. It's very heavy, 5.2b, so it can run stably on table.
  • ★ROBUST&FINE CRAFTED: key parts use SUJ2 alloy steel/bearing steel with tolerance up to 0.002mm; 4-Cylinder engine equips 16mm power cylinders/16mm stroke power pistons/20mm hot cylinders. Equips with quartz glass cylinder: make observation more intuitionistic and quartz glass is more robust than normal glass.
  • ★WIDE APPLICATIONS: people bought it for kids' science project, physics/mechanics learning, demonstration on class, etc. It's a well-designed and crafted mechanical toy; great to display basic principle of external combustion engines; fantastic gift for people you love.
  • ★RISK-FREE SERVICE: if the one you receive does not work, which rarely happens, simply send us a message and we will mail you another FREE WITH NO HESITATION; or you can send us a message to request for a refund, we will refund you WITH NO HESITATION and you DO NOT have to mail it back. Like we promised, you risk NOTHING!

Publisher: DjuiinoStar


All DjuiinoStar products come with 30-Day Unconditional Money Back Warranty and 1 Year 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

This engine will be driven by the lamp to a speed around 1300-1500 RPM. Kinetic energy generated will be transmitted to the little generator and then light up the bulb on it.

This engine is finely crafted: pistons of the engine are made by fine milled SUJ2 alloy steel with 0.005mm tolerance; the rod to the displacer piston employs fine milled bearing steel with 0.002mm tolerance; power cylinders are made of quartz glass to provide clear observation.

It is assembled and will run within 5 minutes after opening the package provided you have a bottle of alcohol(purity >= 95%) by your side.

Brand: DjuiinoStar
Model: DHA-LGM-109
Status: Assembled
Speed: 1300-1500 RPM(revolutions per minute)
Output voltage: 4-9V
Color of LED: multicolor
Material: SUJ2 alloy steel, aluminum, bearing steel, stainless steel, quartz glass, bakelite
Overall size: 268x162x170mm/10.56x6.38x6.69in(L/W/H)
Size of flywheel: 64x8mm/2.52x0.31in(Diameter/Thickness)
Inner diameter of power cylinder: 16mm/0.63in
Stroke of power piston: 16mm/0.63in
Inner diameter of hot cylinder: 20mm/0.75in
Net Weight: 2360g/5.20lb

Packing List:
*Engine x1
*Lamp x1
*User manual x1

Stirling engine is traditionally classified as an external combustion engine. Refer to wikipedia for more information.

EAN: 6971221400297