DNA Spectrum: myDNA Fitness - Genetic DNA Test for Exercise, Activity, Sports, and Health - Custom Tailored Plan for Workout, Diet, or Weight Loss Based on Your DNA

DNA Spectrum, myDNA Lifestyle

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  • NEWEST TECHNOLOGY: Latest Whole Gene Sequencing Technique Matched with your Clinically Proven Fitness Results
  • CUSTOM TAILORED: Find our your gFIT (genetic fitness goal) and how to reach it to customize your activities and workout
  • SIMPLE AT HOME: Just a cheek swab confirms or reveals general ethnicities with no need for painful testing. All from an at home DNA test
  • CERTIFIED RESULTS FOR YOU: United States, CLIA certified lab and HIPPA compliant. You own your results so they are never shared unless you want them to be.
  • OUR PROMISE: 100% commitment to customer satisfaction, US based customer service 9am to 8pm Mon-Fri

Publisher: DNA Spectrum

Details: Let Your Body Speak for Itself

Your DNA carries the instructions for the structure and function of every cell in your body. It is responsible for a great deal of what makes you who you are, including how you respond to different exercise regimes. Our algorithm takes into account the complex interaction of your genetic markers along with your age, gender, height, weight, and ethnic background to determine the optimal exercise program for you.

-DNA Testing for Fitness

An entire DNA panel and analysis is used to generate your personal physical fitness recommendations. A complex algorithm integrates the individual effects of genetic markers to provide specific recommendations for an exercise program. You no longer have to exercise in the dark.

-Fitness Body Profile

A deep understanding of your body. This is the genetic code that activates the functions of your body and the response to exercise. You can make better decisions on the types of exercises to perform, the duration of the activities, and the optimization of your fitness levels based on your unique DNA.

-Exercise Calculator and Premium Activity Monitor

Optimize your fitness levels and activity calendar for the week while tracking your individual workouts in real time. Our algorithm will provide a selection of the optimal activities to meet your weekly fitness goal. Your fitness calculator is based on your body profile and genetic sample.

-Advanced Training Adviser

Details for advanced fitness training based on your DNA. In-depth diagrams on physiology, muscle development, strength training, and metabolism.

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