Graupner MZ-18 9 Channel Transmitter Set


  • $339.99

Brand: Graupner


  • HOPPING TELEMETRY TRANSMISSION 2.4 GHz technology with two-way telemetry, updatable firmware the newest features always! Two receivers included!
  • 3.5" full color TFT Touch LCD screen, carrying case, two receivers, Graupner neckstrap, USB firmware update cable, 4 Gb micro-SD card, and a charger
  • Real-time sensor data?GPS/altitude, temperature, voltage, current, RPM, current draw, and programmable aural announcement/warnings
  • 30 flight model memory; multiple flight phase settings, switch actuated; multi-binding receiver system for additional servos, reduced wiring runs
  • Smart voice system (Speaker/Earphone) audio warnings,.mp3 files, range test, signal strength alarm? With mz, mx, and mc wireless "trainer mode"

Publisher: Graupner

Warranty: 2 year limited warranty

Details: The Graupner mz-18 HoTT (Hopping Telemetry Transmission) 2.4GHz 9 Channel transmitter is designed with Graupner's unique telemetry technology, supporting bi-directional data transmission to give the user real-time sensor data. The use of up to 75 frequency hopping channels ensures extreme operating reliability and immunity to external interference. In-flight one can check the receiver battery voltage, temperature and transmission quality. By using optional sensors such as brushless control + T ESCs or HoTT sensor modules, the user can check real-time data such as engine RPM, battery voltage, current, temperature, battery capacity and program audio voice warnings at the transmitter to alert the user of any telemetry states requiring attention. The mz-18 allows for the storage of 30 flight models and is compatible with any aircraft, helicopter, sailplane, car, or boat model. Additionally, with up to nine available telemetry channels, built-in telemetry with data logging capabilities and a large 3.5" full color high resolution TFT LCD screen with specialized touch panel, the mz-18 is the obvious choice for anyone who needs a high quality, reliable nine channel programmable transmitter for their 3-D, scale, or competition model.

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EAN: 8809370396834