HYD-Parts Floating Water Pad for Lakes Floating Foam Fun Mat Aqua Pad Designed for Water Recreation and Relaxing (12x6)


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Brand: HYD-Parts


  • Durable:3-layer Fabric:The Main Material of Floating Mat is XPE Foam with White Center Tear-stop Waffle Weave Texture Layer
  • Capacity Weight: 881LB, 4 adults
  • Comfortable Size:145.67"x70.87" Thickness:1.38"
  • Accessaries:1 elastic string for towing,3 buckle straps for storage
  • Special Protection - Special surface treatment-additional surface protection to reducing wearing and scraping; Nylon inner matrix improving the tearing resistance

Publisher: HYD-Parts

Details: How to use Floating Mat 
Before you unroll your Floating Mat into the water, be sure to choose a location with sufficiently deep water and clear of obstructions (both above and below the surface of the water). Position your Floating Mat a safe distance from any objects, including but not limited to boats, piers, docks, rocks, etc. Do NOT place your floating mat in locations frequented by boats.  After you unroll your floating mat, secure it with the elastic string to prevent it from drifting. Once you are finished with your floating mat for the day, remove it from the water and roll it up, and then secure the mat with the provided strap or the elastic string.
How to install the Elastic String
One end of the elastic string goes through the circular hole on one side of your Floating Mat. Tie a knot so that the string cannot slide out. The snap hook on the other end of the string can be tied on hooks, anchors, cleats, bow eyes, mooring rings, and other facilities.

EAN: 6970889215267