Kyosho FAZER VE-X Lancer Evolution X - T1 Version Vehicle, White


  • $340.99

Brand: Kyosho


  • Fully Assembled Chassis
  • SYNCRO KT-231P 2ch Radio System Installed
  • Pre-painted assembled body with decals applied
  • Sealed differential and transmission delivers the reliability for rough road racing performance
  • Fixed length suspension arms eliminate the need for camber, caster and toe-in (front) adjustment

Publisher: Kyosho Corporation of America

Warranty: 90 day warranty against manufacturer defects


The Electric-powered Fazer VE 4WD ushers in a new era in powerful, inexpensive and low-maintenance electric RC cars. The Fazer VE packs a brushless motor, which is tops in power and efficiency compared to the old-style brushed motors. The VE is also shaft driven, so it's nearly immune to the dirt and other junk that typically cripples a belt-drive car. Add to that the fact that the ESC, motor and servo are water-proof (the receiver is also protected by a cover), and you have one tough machine that can tear up the pavement with the best of them. The car is geared for a moderate pace, but an inexpensive optional pinion is all that's needed to go into hyper drive.

Soft rubber Rally racing tires keep the car tracking exactly where you want it, but the Fazer VE also includes a specialized set of drifting tires to let it ALL hang out if you want to get angular with your friends. Lastly, a precision 2.4 GHz radio is factory installed, which gives the driver super-precise control of their machine. The seamless control reacts instantly to the smallest amount of input from the driver, which makes it much easier to control in tight and high-speed situations. This factory assembled RC car comes with an 1800 mAh NiMH battery and an AC wall charger.

This version of the Fazer VE includes the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X body. The Lancer Evo has been a powerful force in the World Rally Championship circuit, and this latest version of the Evo is equally as capable as its former World Champion stablemates. This is an official factory-licensed replica of the Evo X, and it comes with optional non-functional rally headlights and a set of drifting tires.

Specifications: Length: 15.1 in. (383mm) o Width: 7.9 in. (200mm) o Height: 3.2 in. (80mm) o Wheelbase: 10.2 in. (260mm) o Tire size: 2.7x1.0 in.(?68.5 × 26mm) o Gear Ratio: 6.34:1 o Approx. weight: 3.8 lbs. (1,700g) o Motor: Team Orion NEON ONE brushless motor. (2400Kv) o R/C System: Syncro KT-231P 2.4 GHz.

EAN: 4548565262472

Package Dimensions: 27.7 x 9.9 x 8.4 inches