LEGO Batman Arkham Asylum 7785

LEGO Batman Arkham Asylum 7785


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Brand: LEGO


  • 7785 Arkham Asylum is a Batman set released in 2006
  • Includes seven minifigures and two vehicles!
  • Includes buildings used for research and experiments, storage, and holding cells, as well as a gate and guard tower for security!
  • Batman appears in his black suit and is also equipped with a jetpack to help him fly!
  • 860 pieces, Ages 8-12

Details: Do you dare enter Arkham Asylum? The worst criminals in Gotham City are imprisoned behind the gloomy walls of Arkham Asylum. The Scarecrow, the master of fear; The Riddler, the prince of puzzles; Poison Ivy, beautiful and deadly queen of the plant kingdom -- all have been sent to Arkham by the Batman. Now they threaten to escape, and only the Dark Knight and Nightwing can stop them! Includes a guard tower, asylum van, cells for the criminals, a bed sheet 'rope' for escapes, Nightwing's cycle and much more! Includes Batman, Nightwing, The Riddler, The Scarecrow, Poison Ivy, and two Arkham Asylum guard minifigures.

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