Magic Hour Of Devastation Booster Box + Bundle! MTG Combo Deal

Magic Hour Of Devastation Booster Box + Bundle! MTG Combo Deal

Magic: the Gathering

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Brand: Magic: the Gathering


  • The return of Nicol Bolas is at hand, can anyone on the Egyptian-inspired plain of Amonkhet stop him!?
  • Look for ultra-rare Masterpiece Invocations!
  • This listing is for (1) factory sealed booster box and (1) bundle
  • Each booster box has 36 booster packs, each pack has 15 random cards. Each Bundle has: 10 booster packs, 1 card box, 1 player's guide, 1 80-card land pack, 1 learn-to-play insert, 1 Spindown life counter, 1 Menu booklet
  • Release Date: July 14 2017

Publisher: Wizards Of The Coast

Details: "The next step in the dragon's plan required self-sufficiency. A people who were willing to do the work themselves without the dragon's presence.. Finally, he made a promise to return, delighting in the writing of his own prophecies, and planting his promise in the gods and the minds and mythos of the denizens below. Mortals adored promises. They saw them as unmovable as mountains, when in truth they were mercurial as rivers.As the dragon departed, the small sun continued its slow journey across the sky. The time had come for the dragon to return to collect his hoard." Welcome to Magic The Gathering's Hour Of Devastation: Nicol Bolas has finally returned to Amonkhet and nothing will every be the same again. With all new new cards, mechanics, powers and abilities, the cards from the Hour Of Devastation set can help you buff your existing Magic deck or create a new one from scratch. There are a total 184 different cards in the set, each booster pack contains 15 random cards. This listing is for (1) booster box and (1) bundle.

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