Paper Mario

Paper Mario

Nintendo of America

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Brand: Nintendo of America

Edition: Standard

ESRBAge Rating: Everyone


  • Challenging quest spanning seven different lands RPG style gameplay with enhanced turn-based fighting mechanics
  • Party building structure that allows for up to seven group characters
  • Unique 2D cartoon look mixes with polygonal 3D backdrops
  • Single-player adventure only
  • Saves to cartridge

Genre: Action Video Games

Hardware Platform: PC

Operating System: Nintendo 64

Platform: Nintendo 64

Publisher: Nintendo

Details: Far, far away beyond the sky, way above the clouds, it's been said that there was a haven where the Stars lived. In the sanctuary of Star Haven there rested a fabled treasure called the Star Rod, which had the power to grant all wishes. Using this wondrous Star Rod, the seven revered Star Spirits watched over our peaceful world carefully... very carefully. Then one day, a terrible thing happened... The evil King Bowser appeared in Star Haven and stole the Star Rod! Using its incredible power he quickly imprisoned the seven Star Spirits! Completely unaware of the trouble in far-off Star Haven, Mario was back home in the Mushroom Kingdom, eagerly reading a letter from Princess Peach. It was an invitation to a party at the castle! With much anticipation, he and his brother Luigi set off for the party, oblivious to the chaos that lay ahead... Bullets change to: Follow Mario on his journey through an RPG-style story to save the princess!Paper Mario has a 2-D look in a 3-D game world--an aesthetic designed to make players feel as if they've entered an animated pop-up book. A stationary camera helps reinforce this storybook illusion. The game's title is taken from the paper-thin characters inhabiting the Mushroom Kingdom. For example, when Mario is sleeping, he flips and flutters through the air like a leaf falling from a tree.

Paper Mario is the sequel to the classic Super NES role-playing game Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. Like the original, it contains a mix of turn-based battles and intricate puzzles, as well as timed attacks. Players time their attacks by moving the D-pad and pressing the A button at exactly the right moment to inflict maximum damage. This seasons Paper Mario with a little action/adventure flavor. Classic characters, such as Mario, Luigi, Peach, Bowser, and Toad, are joined by the likes of Goombario and Kammy Koopa.

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