Pokemon Advanced Pokedex


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Brand: Pokémon


  • Pokemon pokedex.
  • Talking pokedex.

Publisher: Pokemon

Details: The new Pokémon Pokedex from Hasbro is for advanced players. It includes 5 different modes and operates in English or French. Cool orange unit has a flip top. Includes instructions.If there's anyone out there who thinks that the Pokemon craze would just be another fad, disappearing from public consciousness in a matter of months, well, think again. The popularity of the Japanese monster collecting game shows no sign of slowing and may in fact be growing thanks to improving technology, evidenced in new products such as this hand held Pokedex. It features electronically stored information on all 200 Pokemon Advanced monsters and features such as personalization and tracking up to six of your favorite Pokemon. You can earn trainer points as you capture the various critters on various different terrains offered. Beyond the traditional capture game, there are other challenges available including a Pokemon quiz and a new game where you help Mudkip run without tiring the poor guy out. The Pokedex may not appeal to someone who isn't already a Pokemon fan but for those who are hooked, it's a lot of fun. Three AAA batteries are required but not included. --Charlie Williams

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