Power Monkey: Ring Thing, Gymnastics Rings, Dream Machine (XL (32-40 inch Waist))

Power Monkey: Ring Thing, Gymnastics Rings, Dream Machine (XL (32-40 inch Waist))

Power Monkey Fitness

  • $359.00

Brand: Power Monkey Fitness

Color: Black, Yellow


  • Safely Train Ring Exercises with 50% bodyweight
  • Train progressions for Pull-Ups, Muscle-Ups, Dips, Iron Crosses, Inversions, and more!
  • Adjustable height from 8' to 15'
  • XL Size for 32-40 inch waist

Legal Disclaimer: *30 Day Money Back Guarantee. 3 Year Manufacturer Warranty (*against any broken parts, when used according to the User Manual provided). USER MANUAL: Download at Power Monkey Fitness (www.powermonkeyfitness.com/ring-thing-manual) CAUTION: Any activity involving motion or height creates the possibility of accidental injury, including permanent paralysis and even death. The ring thing is meant to be used ONLY by properly trained participants under supervised conditions. The use of the ring thing without proper supervision can be DANGEROUS and SHOULD NOT be undertaken or permitted. Before using, KNOW YOUR OWN LIMITATIONS and limitations of this device. If in doubt, always consult your instructor. Inspect the ring thing prior to and after use for damage, defects or wear, including tears in belt and attachments points and/or fraying or ropes/webbing. Damaged product should be repaired or replaced immediately. If in doubt, do not use this product.

Publisher: Power Monkey Fitness

Details: The RING THING is an updated version of a gymnastics training tool (the "dream machine") made specifically for technical ring skills. Designed by US National Champion gymnast, David Durante, and former elite gymnast turned stuntman, Shane Geraghty, the device uses a specialized pulley system to reduce body weight by 50%. This allows users to train ring skills-getting into positions otherwise not possible-while safely developing strength, stability, and proper technique. It's an exciting and easy tool to use to train a variety of skills and progressions. At Power Monkey Fitness, our mission is to bring you top tier fitness education and expertise. We are the movement experts-committed to coaching excellence and technique mastery while making disciplines like gymnastics and weightlifting accessible to all. Power Monkey gives people of all levels the ability to train safely, confidently, and for the rest of their lives. Our courses, events, and equipment like the RING THING create a methodical approach designed by world renowned coaches so you can go beyond and achieve your fitness goals.

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