Robi assembly agency version

Robi assembly agency version

DMM make Robots

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Brand: DMM make Robots


  • Too cute and reputation of De Agostini Weekly "robin" series. Movement and voice, and the gesture is very cute Robi, you spend a fun anytime soon every day.
  • Deliver assembly agency Robi! The finished product will receive on hand immediately.
  • (Body spec) Width: about 15cm Height: about 34cm weight: 1kg (when the battery installed)
  • ★ play with luxurious benefits with ★ Robi, ball flag mop slippers / charging chair / Robi dedicated carrying case

Publisher: DMM.make ROBOTS

Details: Product Description ◆ appearance and, Robi of cuteness of gesture is attractive heal you, delight. ● Robi is the world-renowned robot creator, it was designed and developed design by Mr. Tomotaka Takahashi. Cute in a very cute voice charm and big eyes, Or dancing or singing to entertain us, will soften. ◆ such as remote control function and LED light, little fun is full! ● and remote control function, smooth two-legged walking, speech recognition board, etc. A variety of techniques have been mounted on the Robi. For example, if someone asked for a "put TV" And a cute reply us with the TV. Also exciting technology as robot Lots!

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