Silverman & Co. 16-inch Premium Backgammon Set - Medium Size - Black Board, White and Astral Blue Points

Silverman & Co.

  • $119.95

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Brand: Silverman & Co.

Color: Black, Gray, Blue, White


  • 16" premium backgammon set - Black board, white and astral blue points
  • Elegant style, quality craftmanship, premium leatherette exterior, smooth playing surface
  • Measures 16" x 10 1/2" x 2 1/2" when closed
  • Sturdy rugged handle, solid latch, strong frame - Includes high-quality playing pieces
  • Easy to carry and store - Perfect for travel, indoor, outdoors, and family fun

Genre: Strategy

Publisher: Silverman & Co.


You enjoy the finer things in life. Quality is important to you. You appreciate fine craftsmanship, attention to detail, and exquisite design. However, the high cost required to satisfy your taste may require careful financial planning. Not anymore! We are pleased to announce the arrival of the spectacular Silverman & Co. premium backgammon sets. These exceptional products set a new standard for quality at a price that cannot be beaten.

The exterior is finished in premium leatherette, assembled with uncompromising precision and attention to detail. The playing surface is an ultra fine padded felt, offering a luxurious glide for the checkers that will delight your senses. The checkers are a hefty 1.25" diameter and 3/8" thick. Best of all, the checkers fit perfectly in the home board, with minimal gap when side by side.

When game play is over, and you're ready to pack up, you'll also appreciate how snugly the checkers fit in the side storage compartments, making closing the board trouble-free (no tilting checkers!) and keeping everything secure for when you pack up the board and head on to your next victory.

There's more! You'll also appreciate the ergonomic oval dice cups, with smooth felt lining (to reduce noise) and with trip lips to ensure a fair dice roll each and every time. Each set also comes with a large 1" doubling cube and 1/2" high gloss black and white dice.

These are all characteristics normally found only in much pricier backgammon sets. That is, until now. Silverman & Co. premium backgammon sets are by far, the best combination of high quality and unbeatable value that you will find anywhere. Available exclusively from GammonVillage, we unreservedly give these backgammon boards our highest recommendation.

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