SnapWords Numbers, Colors, Days, Months, and Seasons Pocket Chart Cards - Sight Words

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Brand: Child1st Publications


  • The whole word is captured as a picture
  • Increases reading level & fluency
  • Improves comprehension
  • Helps active children capture words in a glance
  • Body motion helps active kids learn

ISBN: 1936981890

Publisher: Child1st Publications LLC

Details: SnapWords Cards are essentials for teaching sight word recognition to a wide variety of learners, including visual learners, children labeled with ADD or ADHD, autism, dyslexia, or right-brained learners. The images embedded into each word ensure that children gain a rich sight word vocabulary as easily as a camera snapping a picture and storing it in memory. But that's not all. Beyond just recognizing the words, the tools on the reverse of each card move children past calling out words to really understanding what they mean and how to use them in sentences. The reverse of each card displays the word without a visual and describes a hand motion for the word - a necessary tool for many kinesthetic learners and children with dyslexia. In addition, a sentence using the word and coordinating with the visual on the front of the card focuses children's attention on the meaning of the word and how it is used in everyday communication. These images have proven to be the turning point for children who had not made progress through any other means. SnapWords Numbers, Colors, Days, Months, & Seasons Teaching Cards are a merger of our Numbers & Colors (SWNC2) and Days, Months, and Seasons (SWDMS1) conveniently bundled together now for your use. This set of SnapWords cards contains the numbers 1-20, 13 color words, including black, blue, brown, gold, gray, green, orange, pink, purple, red, silver, white, and yellow; 12 months, 7 days, 4 seasons, month, day, and year.

EAN: 9781936981892