Star Wars Clone Wars Ultimate Blaster

Star Wars

  • $147.55

Brand: Star Wars


  • Create-your-own, customizable blaster features
  • Electronic lights and sounds and lots of different design combinations like a 2 ½ foot long blaster rifle
  • Get ready for battle with your own customized blaster
  • Assemble the parts in different ways to create different configurations
  • Build your own blaster and get fired up for action and adventure

Details: * Fires soft NERF darts! * Customize your own rifle! * Join the Republic!While it's unlikely that you'll ever be transported to a galaxy far, far away to fight with an army of clones that happen to look just like you, this nifty blaster may be the next best thing. (Especially as there's no galactic travel involved.) Hasbro's nifty customizable Clone Commander blaster can be taken apart and reconfigured to put fear into droids all over the galaxy. Cast in nifty white and blue, this is going to be a great way to torment your older siblings and to engage in office warfare. You can reposition the grip, pop it apart to make a short weapon, and be your own man. Or as much of your own man as a clone can be.

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