Teamgee H6 37" Electric Skateboard/Longboard with Remote Control, Premium Classic Pintail, 18.6 MPH Top Speed, 760W Dual Motor, 11 Mile Range, Weighs just 13.7 LBS, UL Certification:E503354


  • $499.99

Brand: Teamgee

Color: 1-PACK


  • ❤LIGHTNING FAST CHARGING - The Teamgee electric skateboard with remote comes equipped with a rechargeable battery that completely charges in two hours. A single charge can take you up to 11 miles, and the two riding modes (High, up to 18.6MPH; and Low, up to 10MPH) provide a comfortable ride for any rider.
  • ❤WORRY-FREE SAFETY - Teamgee is the best quality manufacturer of electric skateboards since 2016. Its products have passed UL certification, making them a safe and reliable choice for your electric skateboard needs.
  • ❤LIGHTWEIGHT YET TOUGH - Designed to be as lightweight as possible at only 13.7 lbs., the Teamgee electric skateboard's 0.5-inch-thick deck has a max load of up to 200lbs. This sturdy skateboard can carry you without being hard for you to carry.
  • ❤BEAUTIFUL DESIGN - Sleek and ultra-thin, the longboard's battery takes nothing away from the stunning surfboard-inspired skateboard with its integration into the skate deck itself. The classic pintail shape of the board improves your ride.
  • ❤QUALITY CRAFTSMANSHIP - The Teamgee electric longboard is constructed with 10 layers of tough maple wood and one layer of fiberglass to withstand whatever your commute throws at it, with four replaceable polyurethane wheels that can navigate the roughest of urban terrains.

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• Two Speed Modes: High (up to 22 mph) / Low (up to 10 mph)

• Max Range*: up to 11 miles

• Max Climb Angle*: 15-20°

• Max Load*: 200 lbs

Skateboard Size

• Deck Measurements: 37 inch L / 4.6 inch H / 8.5 inch W

• Net Weight: 13.7 lbs

• Wheelbase: 31 inch

• Wheel: 3.27 inch*2.05 inch


• Battery Type: 36V/3.6Ah Lithium battery

• Input: 100~240V 1.8A

• Output: DC42V 1.5A

• Charge Time: 2 hours

Wireless Remote Control

• Capacity: 450 mAh

• Battery Type: Lithium battery

• Charge Time: 2 hours

• Battery Duration: 6-8 hours

• Type: 2.4G RF

Package Includes

• 1 x User Manual

• 1 x Electric Skateboard

• 1 x Wireless Remote Controller

• 1 x Adapter and Charger

• 1 x T tool

• 1 x LED Light

* Note: mileage, speed, and hill climb rate will depend on the weight of the rider, the condition of the skateboard tires, and other factors. Numbers listed here were calculated assuming a rider weighing 145 lbs on new tires and a smooth surface.


Teamgee's H6 Electric Skateboard is the "Last Mile" solution...

Tired of the morning rush to the bus stop? Ready to stop trekking across campus between classes? Need to rest your feet at the end of a long workday? Teamgee is here with the solution: an electric longboard to carry you that last mile. Cut down on your commute and give yourself a break with the H6. This 37" electric skateboard can go up to 11 miles on a single charge, keeping you on time during the day and getting you home early when your work is done.

Catch eyes as you surf down the street...

The H6's stunning pintail design was inspired by the evolution of longboarding from big wave riding and features ocean themed graphics on the natural wood underside. With its ultra-thin battery imbedded into the skateboard deck itself, anyone would think this is just a regular longboard as you cruise by. You'll never have to worry about bulky battery packs getting damaged or an unnatural feeling ride with this electric skateboard. Constructed of 10 layers of Canadian maple wood and one layer of fiberglass, this board bends and flexes like a traditional longboard without sacrificing battery protection or reliability.

Don't get caught up in controls! Just enjoy the ride...

With its ergonomically designed LCD-display remote, the H6 allows you to quickly confirm or adjust its speed, direction, and battery charge. One key cruising lets you keep your eyes on the prize instead of the remote. Additionally, the 84 mm in-wheel hubs offer a silent ride with regenerative breaking that gradually recharges the battery whenever you go downhill and feature the ability to free-wheel if you should ever be caught without a charge so you can keep moving no matter what.



Two Speed Modes: High (up to 22 mph) / Low (up to 10 mph)

Max Range*: up to 11 miles

Max Climb Angle*: 15-20°

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EAN: 0789659953911