WPHMOTO Full Set of 48V 1800W Brushless Electric Motor Controller Throttle Grip Pedal Wiring Harness Ignition Key 4 x12V Battery and Charger for Go Kart Scooter E Bike Motorized Bicycle ATV Moped Mini


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  • Max power: 1800w-2000w, Rated torque: ≥3.5-10N.m, Rotating speed: 4300-4500RPM
  • Full Set of reliable powerful 48v 1800w brushless electric motor & controller and other necessary components.
  • Applicable to go karts, scooters, e-bike, atv, motorized bicycle, moped, mini bikes, pocket bikes, electric dirt bikes, etc.
  • Brushless motor is much better than brushed motor, it's high efficiency, powerfrugal, low noise, Long lifespan, stable...
  • Package includes:(1)Motor (4)Battery (1)Charger (1)Controller (1)Ignition Key (1)Throttle Grip (1)Throttle Pedal (1)Terminal Block (1) Wiring Harness (1)Forward / Reverse Switch (1)Left & Right Brake Lever (1)Charger Plug (3)Battery Wires (1)LED Battery Gauge (1)T8F Chain


Package Contents:

1 x Motor

4 x Battery

1 x Charger

1 x Controller

1 x Ignition Key

1 x Throttle Grip

1 x Throttle Pedal

1 x Terminal Block

1 x Wiring Harness

1 x Forward / Reverse Switch

1 x Left & Right Brake Lever 

1 x Charger Plug

3 x Battery Wires

1 x T8F Chain

Motor Spec.:

Model: 48VDC 1800W Brushless Motor

Sproket: T8F 9Teeth

Rated current: 28A

Max Current: 40A

No-load current: ≤3.0A

Rated torque: ≥3.5-10N.m

Max power: 1800w-2000w

Motor weight: 10.5 lbs (4.8kg)

Rated rotating speed: 4300-4500RPM

Controller Spec.:

Rated voltage: DC 48v

Current limit: 32A

Rated power: 1800w

Matching motor: DC Brushless motor

Under Voltage Protection: 42V

Why choose Brushless motor

Brushless Motor Advantages:

1. Less electrical and electromagnetic noise

2. Long lifespan: No brushes to wear out, around triple lifespan as brushed motor

3. Low maintenance: No brushes to replace

4. Powerfrugal: Power consumption is 1/3 of brushed motor

5. High efficiency: Brushless motors are typically 85-90% efficient whereas brushed DC motors are around 75-80% efficient.

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